The creation of «startup support ecosystem, including venture capital investment» on Russky Island
Is started by Russia's president Vladimir Putin on the field of the Second Eastern Economic Forum, September, 3rd 2016.
The science and technology park "Russky" is created for formation of a technological ecosystem for innovative development of both Primorsky Territory and the Russian Far East as well as successful economic cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries in the sphere of high technologies on the Russky Island.

The FEFU Technology Entrepreneurship Fund is a unitary non-profit organization founded by Far Eastern Federal University in the purpose of Technopark creation, management and development.

The Technopark is a complex of objects, buildings, constructions, office rooms and the municipal equipment, transport and technological infrastructure managed by fund providing a full service on residential placement and development in Technopark "Russky" including the integration with innovative, scientific and material resources of the Far Eastern federal University.
Joint project of FEFU and Skolkovo Fund
in cooperation with wide board of partners
Technopark is located on fefu campus
Russky technopark ecosystem
FEFU Schools
Technology Transfer Office
Expertise Office
Residential Offices
«Boling Point» ASI Vladivostok
NTI center for Neurotechnologies,
VR & AR Unique Experience
Skolkovo representative
Office in RFE
Residents of technopark
«Industry, production» Sector
1. Progress — moulding of large and medium sized castings from magnesium and aluminum under low pressure. Primorsky Krai.
2. Yablokokliner — production of chemical products for cleaning, food production, household chemicals, auto cosmetics and shampoo. Primorsky Krai.
3. Arctica — design and manufacture of hovercrafts. Primorsky Krai.
4. 27DEL — development and market launch of PPS thermal insulation material with NG combustibility group. Khabarovsk territory.
5. CMTEch — environmental design, environmental audit, engineering surveys for construction. Primorsky Krai.
«Biotechnologies, medicine and pharmacology» Sector
1. Innopharm — study and development of hydroponic plant cultivation technology, creation of a greenhouse complex, integrated implementation and introduction of cultivation technology and equipment. Primorsky Krai.
2. Marine hematogen — food production of functional foods. Primorsky Krai.
3. AGAR DV — production of food and microbiological agar to be used in food, microbiological, nuclear industries, as well as the military-industrial sector. Primorsky Krai.
4. Far Eastern Peat company — production of new generation fertilizers based on peat and soil microorganisms cultures using probiotic strains. Primorsky Krai.
5. DVMED — introduction of an out-patient vascular service at the private medical center FEMC «DVMED» in Khabarovsk territory. Khabarovsk territory.

«Robotics» Sector
1. «Pnevmon» series fishery robots — robots designed to increase the productivity and environmental friendliness of fishing processes based on bionic modeling technologies. Primorsky Krai.
2. Project of a high-precision manipulator — development of a manipulator for carrying out high-precision works. Khabarovsk terrytory.
3. Micro Underwater Robot — creation of a robotic underwater constructor for senior school children and students. Primorsky Krai.
4. Robot Adam — a robot designed for conducting research and training in the field of robotics. Primorsky Krai.
5. Robotrack — a Russian network of the robotics clubs, a part of the international network «My-Robot». Primorsky Krai.
«IT, communications and VR/AR» Sector
1. Test4startup — an electronic platform for forecasting the demand for products through machine learning. Lipetsk oblast, «IT and communications» sector.
2. Techno-media — development of a packaged solution for the digitization of business. Khabarovsk territory.
3. Unified education management system — organization and simplification of education management through unified management system. Primorsky Krai.
4. ARVIZOR — automates the process of creating, storing, delivering and displaying AR. Primorsky Krai.
5. RoboticsVReality — robotics training in VR. Primorsky Krai.
6. ServoPlatform — a business platform that provides machine learning tools for analyzing any textual information. Primorsky Krai.
7. LKR112 — automation of business and legal cooperation between China, Russia, CIS and APR countries. Primorsky Krai.
8. Tingly — a mobile application for automated video editing and processing. Primorsky Krai.
9. WantResult — a service to increase the conversion of a website on the market. Primorsky Krai.
10. MyKopilka — a mobile service for gaming loyalty programs based on corporate currencies. Khabarovsk territory.
11. Ronda Software — software development. Primorsky Krai.
12. Smart Platform — a multi-purpose integrated training system. Krasnoyarsk Krai.
13. Electronic platform for the sale of auto parts — establishment of an electronic trading platform in the form of a mobile application / bot. Primorsky Krai.
14. Internet exhibition «Products of Russia» — a platform where Russian products are sold outside of the production region. Primorsky Krai.
15. HotLead — a cloud-based telephony service for businesses with built-in virtual PBX, CRM-system and telephone numbers in 115 cities of Russia and 75 countries of the world. Khabarovsk territory.
16. Zhizn na pluse (Life on the plus side) — distance education via creation of game modes and assignments for business and life. Khabarovsk territory.
17. WEDHUB — a service that helps to organize a wedding through online planning and information aggregation services. Khabarovsk territory.
18. Travel Game — an interactive tourist game in the real world. Sakhalin Oblast.
19. Internet platform for restaurants, cafe, bars and their visitors — implementation of unique social mechanics, improvement of table reservation services. Khabarovsk territory.
20. Robomir (Roboworld) — a method of teaching individuals from 9 years old to create virtual reality, educational training projects in VR. Khabarovsk territory.
«Hardware and technological development» Sector
1. GreenSun Technologies — equipment for alternative power engineering. Primorsky Krai.
2. EczoBike — development of a bicycle electrification kit with built-in battery and on-board computer. Khabarovsk territory.
3. Sumaku — a professional magnetic system for high-precision control of object movements. Khabarovsk territory.
4. SeilfieMirror — smart mirror with built-in photo and video camera, stereo-system, touchscreen, backlight, Android operating system. Khabarovsk territory.
5. Orbital — delivery of accessories and service maintenance of imported elevators and escalators. Primorsky Krai.
6. Generation of alternative power supply for public facilities on the basis of RES — development of an air turbine, using gas-dynamic generation of electricity from the use of traction arising in vertical shaft structures of multi-storey buildings. Primorsky Krai.
7. Flying boat — development and implementation of scientific and technical solutions aimed at improving the operability of parts of the cylinder-piston group of marine diesel engines. Primorsky Krai.
8. Heat recovery — production of autonomous heating and hot water supply systems on the principle of utilizing the existing heat, as well as the heat from operation, and additional solar heat, using heat recovery pumps as the main equipment in the general system. Primorsky Krai.
9. Not a Pill — development of a platform for normalization and stabilization of the psycho-emotional state. Primorsky Krai.
10. Vibro-hydromassage bathtub — development of a vibro-hydromassage bathtub, designed to improve not only the skin of your face, but the whole body. Primorsky Krai.
11. Trinity Engineering — production of equipment for prototyping. Primorsky Krai.
12. Marineo — unified information and telecommunication system in which software operating on coastal computing capacities interacts with distributed network of multicomponent marine software and hardware complexes, installed on heavy-tonnage and small-size vessels in order to optimize the movement of marine mobile objects in the sea. Primorsky Krai.
13. Active medical exoskeleton — meant for rehabilitation of people with paralyzed lower limbs and also for people after trauma. Primorsky Krai.
14. Tau tracker — sensors operating on the basis of their own magnetic-inertial technology, while the sensors are located on the human body to transfer the coordinates of various parts of his body into a virtual reality system. Khabarovsk territory.
15. — the system is designed to GPS-monitor the location of a remote object and allows you to obtain information about its current location, the speed of its movement and the status of the connected sensors at any time. Khabarovsk territory.
16. Vostok-ESCО — creation and modernization of dispatching and automation systems for heating systems. Primorsky Krai.
17. Tooligram — establishment of an enterprise in IT industry to provide information services and business development on the Internet. Primorsky Krai.
18. Interactive constructor-simulator — an exercise constructor with the device of electrotechnical elements helping children (by practical application) to obtain practical skills and educate the engineering culture. Khabarovsk territory.
19. Primorsky Krai tours — organisation of complex tours around Primorsky Krai for the visitors from APR. Primorsky Krai.
Small Innovative Enterprises
1. DV-Expert — product certification, examination of food and non-food products and services quality. Primorsky Krai.
2. DV-Active — intermediation in educational activities, laboratory testing services, expertise, wholesale of food products. Primorsky Krai.
3. Bioproduct — production, development and sale of innovative products and food. Primorsky Krai.
4. 3D technology — engineering, engineering surveys, marine engineering. Primorsky Krai.
5. Primor-Carbide — development of high-performance continuous technologies for the production of calcium carbide by means of a mobile plasma unit of a modular design. Primorsky Krai.
Russky technopark team
Dmitriy Borovikov
CEO of Russky technopark
Vitaliy Yazvenko
Deputy CEO of Russky
technopark for business
Alexander Sandomirov
Deputy CEO of Russky
technopark for cooperation
development with FEFU
Vera Nikulina
Advisor to CEO for
strategic development
Olga Burbo
Head of Project department of
Russky technopark
Georgiy Sherazadishvili
Platon Didenko
Project manager
Nikita Kutsiy
Project manager
Tatiana Tokmakova
Personal assistant
to CEO
Ekaterina Polyntseva
Temporary administrator of
Russky technopark
Evgenia Koval
for procurement
Viktor Pahmutov
Financial consultant
Contact us
+1 123 456 78 90
Level 11, FEFU Campus, 10 Ajax Bay, Russky Island
Vladivostok, Russia, 690091.